segunda-feira, 15 de abril de 2013


1. Passe as seguintes frases para o Present Continuous Tense. Siga o exemplo:
ex: she works in a school
     - she is working in a school
a. you listen to pop music.
b. he talks on the phone.
c. she learns how to swim.
d. we live in a wonderful town.
e. I invest my money in gold
f. Jane rides a bike all the weekends
g. I bring a snack to school every day
h. my brother plays computer games in the bedroom.

2. Reescreva as seguintes frases nas formas negativa e interrogativa:
a. he is walking along the beach
b. I am openning a new bill in the bank
c. my classmates are preparing a project
d. she is studying for the test
e. we are reading a good book
f. John is writing an E-mail to his mother

3. Marque C se o verbo estiver no Continuous e I se estiver no Infinitivo.
a. she loves traveling.
b. we are studying for the test.
c. I am tired of walking.
d. smoking is not good for health
e. I am living in this city

sábado, 23 de março de 2013

The body is the hero

The total blood volume in our body circulates once every 13 seconds; 6o quarts of blood pass to the brain and the kidneys per hour, and return to the heart at the same rate. Those tremendous volumes give us the ability to run, to keep enough oxygen and sugar moving to our legs and arms so that our muscles can move even after hours of continuous effort. But the price we have to pay for all this quickness and power is a severe one. A bacterium from a cut in your finger can reach your brain in a little over four seconds. A pneumococcus in your lungs can reach the bones of your arms in three seconds.